Post Week 8 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Let’s Bring Out the Great Johnny Cash to Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hellfire! – Thanks Johnny!


Wow….Week 8 is done and we are into Monday of Week 9 and that means it’s time…past time really…to bring out the Great Johnny Cash to give these Hot Seat Coaches Hellfire!

Thanks Johnny!

Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M (Jimbo Fisher CHS Forum) – We are used to Totally Absurd Coaches Contracts in College Football but Jimbo Fisher’s Buyout $$$ Numbers are Truly Stunning to see and speak of Total Damn Morons in Aggieland getting their asses cleaned out by a Fat Boy in Memphis this is a Clean Out for the Ages!

Jimbo Fisher Buyout $$$ Numbers Year by Year >

2023:  $76,800,000
2024:  $67,550,000
2025:  $58,200,000
2026:  $48,750,000
2027:  $39,200,000
2028:  $29,550,000
2029:  $19,800,000
2030:  $9,950,000

Got Damn Stupidity?

They Got it In Spades and Then Some in Aggieland!

Oh….Jimbo in 6 Seasons coaching the Aggies >

Overall:  43 – 24
SEC:  25 – 20

Got Bozo the Clown Drunk 24/7 365 Done Better?

You would be Right!

The now 4 – 3 Aggies have left in 2023 >

South Carolina
At Ole Miss
Mississippi State
Abilene Christian

Someone in Aggieland get your checkbook and get ready to write a check for…

$76,800,000 LARGE

…because this Damn Stupidity cannot continue for Any Damn Amount of $$$ it costs to end it!

Jimbo Fisher CHS Forum

2.  Tom Allen, Indiana – (Tom Allen CHS Forum) – The last 3 Seasons the Hoosiers under Tom Allen have posted records of…

Overall: 8 – 23
Big Ten: 2 – 20

…and this will not be allowed to continue on barring now 2 – 5 Indiana almost running the table the rest of the season against >

At Penn State
At Illinois
Michigan State
At Purdue

If you are going to lose 31 – 14 to Rutgers at home, there’s very little chance of your ass winning another game in 2023 and we all know how this ends unless Indiana can find a few wins and quick!

Tom Allen CHS Forum

3.  Butch Jones, Arkansas State – (Butch Jones CHS Forum) – In 3 seasons at Arkansas State Butch Jones is now sitting on records of…

Overall:  8 – 23
Sun Belt:  3 – 16

…and the folks at ASU are not gonna tolerate losing like that much longer and the now 3 – 4 Red Wolves have left in 2023 >

At La. Monroe
At South Alabama
Texas State
At Marshall

Either Butch Jones wins 3 of these last 5 games or it’s Dandy Don Turn out the Lights and Damn Everything Else with the Butch Jones era at Arkansas State is over!

Butch Jones CHS Forum

4.  Justin Wilcox, California – (Justin Wilcox CHS Forum) – Cal had a bye in Week 8 and at 3 – 4 on the season and these records on the board in 7 seasons of…

Overall:  33 – 40
Pac-12:  18 – 35

…the Bears better start getting some Wins and soon or Wilcox is gonna be in trouble if his ass was coaching at a place that actually cared about the Game of Football so maybe Wilcox is safe even being Mediocre As Hell in Berkeley!

Cal has left in 2023….

At Oregon
Washington State
At Stanford

Hell….the way the Trojans are playing Cal might have a shot in this Saturday’s game but beyond that we don’t see the Bears winning another game expect maybe the Big Game against Hapless Stanford on November 18!

Justin Wilcox CHS Forum

5.  Ken Wilson, Nevada – (Ken Wilson CHS Forum) – Nevada finally ended their Long 16-Game Losing Streak to beat San Diego State on Saturday which didn’t bother to even show up against UNR not scoring a point and Shame on Brady Hoke for that Crapola which really should have landed his ass on the Hot Seat….that could be coming soon!….and now 1 – 6 Nevada has these games left to play in 2023 >

New Mexico
At Utah State
At Colorado State

One would think if your ass can beat San Diego State on the road you can win some of the above games but if we had to guess we guess the record that UNR finishes with…2…maybe 3 wins in Ken Wilson’s 2 nd year in Reno and that’s…

Pitiful…Just Pitiful!

Ken Wilson CHS Forum

6.  Dana Holgorsen, Houston – (Dana Holgorsen CHS Forum) – Houston played Texas tough no doubt but with that loss to the Horns the Cougs are now 3 – 4 and Houston has plenty of tough games left on the schedule!

At Kansas State
At Baylor
Oklahoma State

Hell…if Dana can’t win at least 3 of the remaining 5 games the Roll + Butter Boy will run his ass out of Houston….Right?

Hey…need some more Rolls + Butter out here Tilman Son!

Dana Holgorsen CHS Forum

7.  Sam Pittman, Arkansas – (Sam Pittman CHS Forum) – Even as Arkansas has stumbled to a record in their last 18 games of…

6 – 12

….we didn’t want to put Sam Pittman on the Hot Seat but what we seen in 2023 has us thinking it’s either a Shock to the System for Sam and the Hogs or this baby is going down and it’s going down quick and it may already be too late to save anything especially with what the now 2 – 6 Hogs has left to play in 2023 >

At Florida

We are often asked by folks what we might do differently like what would we do right now if we Head Coach at Arkansas and clearly Pittman is right that the Hogs have “Lost Their Spirit” and Fun for the Game of Football and with that being the Truth from where we sit that means….

Sam has gotta do a Mental Reset of Arkansas Football in-season and the only way to do that is to…

Return Fun to Game of Football for the Players

…and what does Pittman have to lose except maybe the Hogs players not responding so if we HC of Hogs now >

We would just Cut It Damn Loose in Practice to focus on Fun and Playing Hard and Having A Helluva Time Hitting Folks and telling the Players…

You only get 1 Damn Chance to Play College Football and if you gonna lose games then Dammit we gonna lose Playing Like Hellfire and Having A Helluva Fun Time Along the Way!

Good Luck against Florida in 2 weeks Sam!

Sam Pittman CHS Forum

8.  Billy Napier, Florida – (Billy Napier CHS Forum) – The team that will host Arkansas on November 4 is the Florida Gators who first have to play #1 Georgia in Jacksonville on Saturday and the Gators now at…

5 – 2

…on the season and with No Margin of Error left could really use a win in this spot and Jeff Sagarin of USA Today gives Georgia an…

81% Chance to Beat the Gators

…so there’s a Chance for the 14.5 Underdog Gators…There’s A Chance…a 19% Chance….which is better than No Damn Chance!

After Georgia and we assume the Gators are going to lose to the Dawgs to drop to 5 – 3 on the season Florida has left to play in 2023 >

At Missouri
Florida State

Damn….that looks like 6 – 6 to us…IF the Gators beat Arkansas at home on November 4 and maybe the Hogs will come into Gainesville Playing Like Hellfire (see above) and if somehow Florida lost that game…

What in the Hell is the point of any of this Billy Boy in Gainesville?

Billy Napier CHS Forum

9.  Danny Gonzales, New Mexico – (Danny Gonzales CHS Forum) – The Lobos got a much needed win over Hawaii in Week 8 to raise their record to 3 – 4 on the season and Danny Gonzales’ drive to get New Mexico to 6 Wins in 2023 which means UNM has GOTTA win 3 of this remaining 5 games >

At Nevada
At Boise State
At Fresno State
Utah State

We put the chances of New Mexico winning 3 of its last 5 games at Mighty Low….Very Damn Mighty Low!

Danny Gonzales CHS Forum

10.  Dave Aranda, Baylor – (Dave Aranda CHS Forum) – In a game that Baylor had to have on the road at Cincinnati against the now Hapless Bearcats…the Bears got that much needed win and are now 3 – 4 and have an outside shot at getting to 6 wins in 2023 with these 5 games left to play >

Iowa State
At Kansas State
West Virginia

We would put the chances of Baylor going at least 3 – 2 in their last 5 games at….

33% or so!

…and Baylor and Aranda missing a bowl game trip in Year 4 would be…

Pitiful….Mighty Damn Pitiful!

Dave Aranda CHS Forum

11. Will Hall, Southern Miss – (Will Hall CHS Forum) – Will Hall started…

5 – 3

…in his first 8 games at Southern Miss but since beating Louisiana on October 27, 2022 the Golden Eagles under Hall in their last 12 games have posted a record of…

3 – 9

Oh…USM lost it’s last game to South Alabama by the score of…

55 – 3

It’s not entirely clear to us what has gone wrong at Southern Miss under Hall but the Kid better things figured out and quick because now at 1 – 6 and with the games below left to be played this could get Ugly…Very Ugly!

At Appalachian State
La. Monroe
At Louisiana
At Mississippi State

Damn…if Southern Miss won more than 1 of their 5 remaining games we be surprised the way they are playing now which will put the folks at Southern Miss in a Helluva Bad Spot come late November especially if they get blasted by Troy at home in the last game of the season!

Will Hall CHS Forum

12.  Brent Pry, Virginia Tech – (Brent Pry CHS Forum) – With the Win over Wake Forest in Week 7 the Virginia Tech Hokies who are now at 3 – 4 on the season are at a crossroads under Head Coach Brent Pry and these last 5 games are Program Setting and Soul Directing Games for the Hokies to see just where this Football Program and Head Coach are going!

At Louisville
At Boston College
NC State

No way that Hokies should finish with less than 6 Wins in 2023 in Brent Pry’s 2 nd season in Blacksburg so…

Get Off Your Ass Brent and Don’t Lose to Syracuse this week Son!

Brent Pry CHS Forum

Let’s Play Football!

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